Biblegirl2 armor

Biblegirl armored up.

Biblegirl is one of Bibleman's sidekicks and friends.


Before she became Biblegirl, Lia had trouble deciding wether to continue her acting career or doing God's will. But eventually she surendered and God used her to free Bibleman from the germ of disobedience.

Weapons and abillities

Like Bibleman she has God's armor.

She carried a net at first but then switched over to a blaster that could block shots and blow things up, perfect for taking on LUCI's robot form.


Biblegirl has been played by three different women

  • Tracy Hanao (Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience & Lead Us Not Into Tempation)
  • Anayansi Schlipp (A Light In the Darkness LIVE)
  • Heather Hazlewood-Mcsmith (Jesus Our Savior Part 1 & 2, A Light in the Darkness,Divided We Fall, A Fight for Faith LIVE, A Fight for Faith, Terminating the Toxic Tonic of Disrespect ,Tuning Out The Unholy Hero, Crushing the Conspiracy of the Cheater, Lambasting the Legions of the Laziness, Blasting The Big Gamemaster Bully, Combating The Commandant of Confusion  & In the Presence of Enemies