Promordious Drool intergalactic desperado of destruction and despot of evil-0

This is the Song performed by Primordious Drool in Jesus Our Savior Part 1, It is reminiscent to old Frank Sinatra songs.


Verse 1: Sha-Boo-Bee-Boo, Sha-Bing-Bing-Bang, Some say I'm so evil i don't need a gang. each time i tell myself it's time to grin, I hate you Bibleman you're under my skin.

Bridge: When i flew into this kooky town, I tip-toed with panache not making a sound. Each time i tell my self it's perfect for sin, I hate you Bibleman you're under my skin.

Chorus: You ruin the party, you ruin my fun. When i scare out the moon, you bring out the sun, all your goody goodness makes my sick! atleast i'm thankful for my drool drip. dripity-drip. dripity drip. kerplop!

Verse 2: Sha-Bing-Bing-Bang, Sha-Boo-Bee-Boo, I'd love to rid this city of you. Each time I tell my self i know i can win. I hate you Bibleman you're under my skin! You're under my skin! You're under my skin! KER...PLOP!

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