Bibleman: Power Source was a evangelical superhero show that succedeed the previous series from 2003 to 2011. It featured:

Josh Carpenter. He becomes the second Bibleman character after Miles retires. He is depicted as someone who never understood the Bible until his darkest day (when his parents were arguing) where he read his Bible and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Cypher. The second sidekick of Bibleman. He is comparable to Robin of the Batman franchise. He filled in the gap that Coats left after he left the show. He has worked with the first and second Bibleman.

Biblegirl. The first female human sidekick. She is like the Batgirl of the Batman franchise. She was going to be in Bibleman's live stage show (in-universe), but she helped fight off Luxor Spawndroth very well, and Miles and Cypher asked her to join their "Bible Adventure Team.

Melody. Biblegirl's cousin. She is the only sidekick to have never served alongside Miles Peterson. She has a double-bladed sword (a reference to Hebrews 4:12) that resembles Darth Maul's light-saber.

Professor E. Meritus Snortinskoff A green-skinned mad scientist who's in charge of Snortinskoff Industries and makes kids disrespect their authorities. His henchman is Stench. This mad scientist is played by Steven Sandsford.

2Kul 4Skul A gray-skinned villain who devised a plan to establish a T.V. station with the call letters W.B.I.G. (which stand for What's Bad is Good) to block the gospel from reaching youth. He is played by Jeff Durham.

I.M. Wonderful A vain woman who wears a gold mask and a cape. She was played by two actors, one of whom was Lisa Kent.

The Cheater The Cheater, played by Peter Vann, is a villain who influences kids to cheat. His tools are his "belittler" and his flying cards.

The Slacker This senior villain, played by Josh Childs, makes kids lazy with his Lasers of Laziness. He carries a staff and goons to support him in battle.

Super Pro Gamemaster 2 This villain was a cyborg who could control machines. He appeared in "Lambasting the Legions of Laziness". He is played by Henry Haggard.

Super Pro Gamemaster 3 This robotic leader of the Evildoers Club, played by Eric Pasto-Crosby, was Super Pro Gamemaster 2's successor. He has powers similar to his predecessor and developed the video game Big Bad Bully.

Baron Ulysses Tantamont von Braggart A sheriff-like pig villain with a golden head cap who lives in a castle. His weapons are his electric staff that he uses to battle Bibleman, and his electric chair that he uses to shoot at Bibleman and Cypher.

The Commandant of Confusion A gold skinned heavyweight villain who is very technical and has an evil sidekick named Chaos, who is dressed up in a black and red jumpsuit.

Chaos Man in a black and red suit and mask. Sidekick to many villains, but only seen with The Commandant of Confusion.