Blabbermouth is a demon and a minion of The Gossip Queen.  He met his end with Looselips after Bibleman redirected The Gossip Queen's beams of bitterness at him.


He first appeared outside of the school, where he taunted Bibleman to chase him. The two enegaged in a duel inside of the school gym, Bibleman lost because his victory comes from cheating.  He and Blabbermouth then went to the church and convinced the group with a poorly put together rumor.  His final appearance in the The Gossip Queen's  Gratutious Song and Dance Number,  Then Bibleman appeared and and redirected the Gossips Queen's beams of bitterness at him.


  • Swordsmanship
  • Fast Runner: He can run at a very fast speed, at least faster than Bibleman can keep up. 

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