The Crusher was being mean, making his workers scaried of him. Ted Bryson gave KT his card. They rush to stop the Crusher. After he was defeated, later the Baroness shows up. And mind controls the children. And is later defeat by Bibleman. Sometime after that, Bibleman must face the Ronin of Wrong. And later is out of the cave. Drives to the Baxor's House. And finds both Jimmy and Rubert. And they defeat The Master of Mean. Causing him to fly on his rocket the end. Days later, Bibleman meets The Mayor of Maybe. And they were enemies. And then he still doesn't know what the gum is. Biblegirl finds out what the gum was. And they defeat The Mayor of Maybe. Thinking there mission was over, they encounter Doctor Fear, the one who set the whirlpool. He later was defeated, The Bible Adventure Team head back to HQ.

The CastEdit

Rory O'Shea: Crusher, Master of Mean, Mayor of Maybe, and Doctor Fear

Andi Duncan: Baroness

Patrick Sweeney: Ronin of Wrong