Crescent blades
are Cypher's primary weapons. Unlike the rest of the heros, he wields two weapons instead of just one. When activated, they have a green energy coming from the blade.


In the first two episodes with Cypher in them, he did not have the weapons. In the third episode he starred in, Cypher began using his trademark blades, and they've been his weapon of choice ever since.


Force Fields: In Power Source the blades can project a force-field when the two are put together.

Cutting: In the Power Source series they can be used to slash through enemies such as game clones.


  • They are never seen being activated on screen, but they are, however, seen deactivating in Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience.
  • In one episode they are yellow instead of green.
  • In one of the live shows he carried a green sword instead.