Dr Decepto
Dr Decepto

Played by

Ron Schott


Big Big Book

Dr. Decepto is a Bibleman villain that only appears in the episode Big Big Book.


The green-skinned Dr. Decepto wears a white lab coat with black gloves on his arms. Over his eyes he wears round, black goggles. He has red lips, and reddish-brown hair.

Character Biography

Dr Decepto appeared only in the first Bibleman episode, Big Big Book. In the episode, Bibleman recounts a fight against the villian where they fought with swords. Dr. Decepto was apparently the victor, and cast Bibleman into a large, deep pit. Bibleman said he "let God take care of the rest", and Dr. Decepto was then seen at the end of the recollection behind bars.

Episodes appeared in

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