Dr. Fear is another form of Luxor Spawndroth and the main antagonist in the Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear.


Due to him being just another form of Luxor Spawndroth, nothing is know of his history.  All that is known is that he works for (or at least is sponsored by) DIRT and loves spreading fear.  His only known acts of causing fear were in a young boy named Kurt and Bibleman himself.  In the end, Dr. Fear was defeated by Bibleman, with the help of Coats and God, for the Bible says "Do not fear, for I am always with you."


Dr. Fear, unlike his previous incarnations, appears to be a cyborg.  He wears a long white labcoat which is buttoned all the way up, possibly concealing other cyborganic body parts.  Some of his cyborganic parts include an entirely mechanical left arm, a band that goes around the back of his head, a headset coming down from the right side the band as well as a red lensed (possibly for targetting) eye piece also on the same side is a laser light emiter (also probably for tageting), and a large metal siding on the left side of his face slightly going with the shpe of his eye.  When Kurt runs off in school, Bibleman goes looking for him only to find Dr. Fear, wearing a mexican hat dancer outfit, he somehow, unexplainably changes back into his labcoat.

Red Lightsaber

Like both of his last incarnations, he wields a red laser bladed sword, it appears to have been destroyed along with him.

Panic Button

Dr. Fears other weapon is the Panic Button, when targeted at someone wearing one of Dr. Fear's Clean is Cool campaign buttons, it causes them to be overcome with fear at the current moment (fear of messing up on public TV, fear of missing a basket, fear of losing a friend, etc, etc.).



Ludicrous is Dr. Fears main minion/sidekick, he has a valley accent and constantly talks in surfer slang, he also wears a white labcoat , a bandana, and a cowboy hat.


Is Villainous Computer, that helped, Dr. Fear against Bibleman.


With the band that goes around the back of his head, he looks similar to Lobot, a cyborg from the film series Star Wars.

Bibleman: The Animated Adventures

In Bibleman: The Animated Adventures, Dr. Fear appears as his own separate character. As his name suggests, he uses his science to scare kids and overwhelm them with fear, but is always defeated through the power of peace.