Gratuitous Song and Dance Numbers are dance numbers that appear in almost every episode, usually performed by the antagonist of the episode or the youth group in the first episodes. There are only a few episodes that contain a dance number performed by a protagonist.

Below is a list of episodes with all the dance numbers in the order they appear along with the character (or characters) that sing the song.

Yellow Titles can be clicked on to read the Lyrics!

Big,Big Book

Back to School

  • Open Up That Bible (Performed by The Bibleman Show Kids)
  • The Bible Train (Performed by Chad's Dad with The Bibleman Show Kids)
  • Did You Know? (Performed by The Bibleman Show Kids)
  • One Big Book! (Performed by The Bibleman Show Kids)
  • The Bible is the Book For You! (Performed by Chad, Nicky and Sheila
  • His Word! (Performed by Andre with The Bibleman Show Kids)
  • God's Love for Me (Performed by Sheila with The Bibleman Show Kids)

The Six Lies of the Fibbler

  • Biblevision (performed by: The Youth Group excluding Ashley)

Silencing the Gossip Queen

Defeating the Shadow of Doubt

  • Put On The Armor of God- (performed by: the Youth Group)
  • Shadow of Doubt- (performed by: the Shadow of Doubt)
  • Put on the Armor of God (reprise) (performed by: the Youth Group)

Fiendish Works of Doctor Fear

The Incredible Force of Joy

Conquering the Wrath of Rage

Shattering the Prince of Pride

Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience

  • Serious Situation - (performed by: Cypher)
  • I Am A Rebel - (performed by: Luxor Spawndroth) (exclusive to live show)

Lead us Not Into Temptation

no songs

Jesus Our Savior Parts 1 and 2

A Light In The Darkness

Divided We Fall

No songs

A Fight For Faith

  • Wacky is Back in Town- (performed by: The Wacky Protestor and Cypher)
  • I'm Free - (performed by: Biblegirl) (Live Show)