LUCI's computer form

"'I am the 'Link to Underhand Computer Influences" - L.U.C.I.

Abbreviated as L.U.C.I. is a computer used by many of Bibleman's enemies, as well as being an enemy to Bibleman herself.


L.U.C.I. originally was introduced in the Bibleman episode "The Fiendish Works of Doctor Fear. She teamed up with Primordious Drool and The Wacky Protester later in the series.


L.U.C.I. has two forms. Her computer form, and her robot form.

Computer form

L.U.C.I. is most commonly seen in her computer form, which consists of a flaming background, and the word "L.U.C.I." in the top-left corner. Below the word is her "mouth", which consists of a grey box that has red pixels that move as she speaks. Behind her mouth is a box that has ever-changing colors and shapes in it. She can pull up any video or image on her screen, which can be done by herself, or by other villains.

Robot Form

In L.U.C.I.'s robot form, she can put herself inside a small ship (similar in appearance to the USS Enterprise from the Star Trek series). Her ship can fly around and shoot lasers. U.N.I.C.E sometimes simulates L.U.C.I.'s robot form for the Bible Team's training.


L.U.C.I. is rude, often giving hurtful nicknames to the villains she serves. She is also sarcastic, (making a comment about releasing the flying monkeys in Jesus our Savior etc.) which sometimes gets on the villain's nerves.


  • L.U.C.I. is the complete opposite of U.N.I.C.E., U.N.I.C.E is helpful and nice, while L.U.C.I. is evil and rude.
  • L.U.C.I., in addition to being an acronym, is also a reference to Lucifer, Satan's original name.
  • L.U.C.I. Was Originally voiced my Maylo Upton, WIllie Aames' Wife
  • Jef Scott Replaced Maylo Upton as the Voice of L.U.C.I. in 'A Fight For Faith'