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There have been 28 episodes of Bibleman from the year 1995-2010

It was announced that there will be a new Bibleman series called Bibleman: The Animated Adventures, that will be out in fall of 2016

  • The Bibleman Show
  • The Bibleman Adventure
    • Defeating the Shadow of Doubt (1998)
    • The Fiendish Works of Dr. Fear (1999)
    • The Incredible Force of Joy (1999)
    • The Incredible Force of Joy Live (1999)
    • Conquering the Wrath of Rage (2000)
    • Shattering the Prince of Pride (2000)
    • Conquering the Wrath of Rage Live (2000)
    • Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience(2001)
    • Lead Us Not Into Temptation (2001)
    • Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience Live (2001)
    • Jesus Our Savior Part 1 (2002)
    • Jesus Our Savior Part 2 (2003)
    • A Light in the Darkness (2003)
    • Divided We Fall (2004)
    • A Light in the Darkness Live (2004)
    • A Fight For Faith (2004)
    • A Fight For Faith Live (2005)
  • PowerSource
    • Terminating the Toxic Tonic of Disrespect (2006)
    • Tuning Out The Unholy Hero (2007)
    • Crushing the Conspiracy of the Cheater (2007)
    • Lambasting the Legions of the Laziness (2008)
    • Blasting The Big Gamemaster Bully (2009)
    • Combating The Commandant of Confusion (2010)
    • In the Presence of Enemies (2010)
  • The Animated Adventures

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