Promodius Drool
Promordious Drool intergalactic desperado of destruction and despot of evil



Promordius Drool, also know as the Intergalactic Desperado of Destruction and (pronounced phonetically) Despot of Evil

Promordious Drool intergalactic desperado of destruction and despot of evil

Primordius Drool (or Drool because it takes to long to say his name) is arguably the most evil villian Bibleman has ever faced. He constantly mocks Bibleman, calling him Bib-lee-man or Bibleboy. His plan was to use Bibleman's saving the town to turn the people against him instead of making the people rely on the promise that God will save us no matter what happens in the end. Despite having a high comical voice at times his voice is actually fairly deep and evil. He apparently loves to drool (hence his name) and sing.


Not much is known about Promordius except that he apparently knows about LUCI and Luxor Spawndroth, he has a Genuine Villain card, he is a demon, and he hates Bibleman.


Drool has yellow skin with cracks all around his face, a skunk striped mowhawk, teeth that protrude from beneath his lips (but however they don't impede his ability to speak or sing), he wears

Powers and Abilities

Energy Balls- Primordius creats these energy ball out of a combination of chemicals, his own saliva, and bleu cheese, making it a very powerful weapon. He can throw them like baseballs or hit them with baseball bats or golf clubs. He once shot one out of his golf club.

Lightning- This is Drool's full potential, more powerful than his energy balls. In the end of the Jesus our Saviour saga Bibleman wielded two Swords of the Spirit which were able to stand up to the lightning.


He is not the first villain to be able to shoot lightning out of their hands, the first was the Gossip Queen, although Drool's form is so strong, it takes two people to fight it off.

He is one of 4 villains to not use a lightsaber.