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Bibleman ready for action.

The Sword of the Spirit is Bibleman's main weapon.


  • Its appearance is similar to that of a lightsaber, however, in an interview years ago, Willie Aames himself said he didn't mean for it to be like a lightsaber.
  • Cypher's weapons may also be called the sword of the spirit because he calls for it when he and Biblegirl suit up in the episode Jesus Our Savior Part 2.
  • Unlike the other two original members, Biblegirl carries a blaster of some sort. (Probably another form.)
  • Many villians carry similar weapons but they are red (or sometimes pink orange or blue) instead of yellow. This could be a twisted version,(just like Satan used God's word against Jesus when he was tempting him) or it could just be a plain demonic weapon.
  • God is Jesus's father

    The original version of the lightsaber-esque sword

    In Silencing the Gossip Queen (and other earlier episodes) the sword came out of Bibleman's gauntlet. This was not seen in the later episodes although he continued to throw his arm forward to activate it.
  • The only weapons Coats is seen to have is the net Bazooka he used against the Shadow of Doubt's henchmen and a pair of gauntlets that project a force-field and fire laser beams.
  • In the first Bibleman episode 'Big Big Book' it was a real sword as opposed to the lightsaber-esque weapon used in later episodes.