The Bibleman Show was an American home video series first released in 1995 and 1996. It was the first era of the Bibleman franchise and contained four episodes. It was later succeeded by The Bibleman Adventure (Otherwise known as Bibleman: Genesis). 

List of EpisodesEdit


  • There is a total of 14 Songs performed in this era 
  • The Six Lies of the Fibbler and Silencing the Gossip Queen are the only two episodes from this era to both appear as The Bibleman Show and The Bibleman Adventure (Bibleman: Genesis) episodes, and receive a DVD release 
  • Big Big Book and Back to School were only released as VHS tapes and are generally hard to find copies of today 
  • The Six Lies of the Fibbler and The Gossip Queen were later aired on the Christian television network TBN as part of their Saturday morning line-up in the early 2000's