Back to School

Back to School is the second Bibleman episode,

Like Big Big Book, it did not receive a DVD release,

and thus considered lost, copies of the tape can

be found floating around online however.

Plot (from the back of the VHS case)

In this episode Bibleman's neighborhood friends invite him to come along as they bring the dynamic Bibleman Show to the entire school. Then join Bibleman as he challenges the malevolent Madame Glitz. Will she keep him captive? Will he break free from Madame Glitz's evil Snare? Stay tuned to find out!


Willie Aames: Miles Peterson/Bibleman

Mark Cole: Chad

Callie Dye: Courtney

Kelly La Croix: Kim

Kaven Panmeechao: Danny

Natasha Smith: Nikki

Van Mosley: Mr.Davis

Cindy Philips: Madame Glitz


there were two members added to "the Bibleman Show" cast Andre and Sheila but their young actors were not credited unfortunately.

there were also two boys in the episode that have a bet that Bibleman will/will not show up to their school and those kids aren't credited either

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