Bibleman and Coats, were hanging up, no drugs for school. The Lights turn off, and Dr. Fear comes out, with his henchman, Ludicrous. They watch, Bibleman's Speech, on TV. And unleash the Panic Button. Meanwhile, Bibleman is Biblecave, ready for his interview. Then, Dr. Fear shocks him with, the Panic Button. The Server goes out, and later comes out, to face, Bibleman. Bibleman quotes the Bible, causing Dr. Fear, to disappear. Then later, Bibleman begins to have nightmares. And Bibleman's fear, is letting Coats down. Coats falls from Bibleman's Grasp. And can't hang on any longer.

The Cast

Willie Aames: Miles Peterson/Bibleman

Marc Wayne: Coats

Maylo Upton: U.N.I.C.E. and L.U.C.I.

Brian Lemmons: Dr. Fear

Andrew Hicks: Ludicrous