Universal Networking Intelligence Computing Entity, abbreviated as U.N.I.C.E is a computer used by Bibleman, as well as being an ally of Bibleman herself.


U.N.I.C.E was first introduced in Shadow of Doubt, she tended to have back and forth arguments with Coats, after Coats left she decided to begin a rivalry with Cypher, after Biblegirl joined the team they soon became friends.


U.N.I.C.E has five forms, three different computer forms and two robot forms.

Computer form 1

U.N.I.C.E is most commonly seen in her computer form, which consists of a blue background, and the word "U.N.I.C.E" in the bottom-left corner. Below the word is her "mouth", which consists of a grey box that has a cross in it with blue pixels that form her mouth that start at the part of the center of the cross vertically which move as she speaks. Behind her mouth is a box. She can pull up any videos or images on her screen, which can be done by herself, or by other members of the Bibleteam.

Computer form 2

This form is first seen in 'A Light in the Darkness' and is last seen in 'Divided We Fall', this form consists of a hologram projector that projects a 3-D holographic computer frame skeleton of a human head, this was most likely found disturbing by most viewers as it was changed later on.

Computer Form 3

This form is first seen in 'A Fight for Faith', this form is just a 3-D globe with the word U.N.I.C.E rotating around the top.

Robot Form 1

This is U.N.I.C.E's first robot form. It first appears in 'The Incredible Force of Joy' it looks like a ball with a rotating bottom.

Robot Form 2

This is her most common robot form, first appearing in 'Conquering the Wrath of Rage'. Its appearance is similar in appearance to the stereotypical UFO space ships from sci-fi movies. It has two satellites that deploy out of the sides that can create a force field around a target which she can use to protect the target or destroy it by vibrating it at rapid speeds. This form can also open the front center of the unit to fire a laser beam at a target.


Faith Shield: This is the official name for her force field that she can generate.  She first used it in 'Shattering the Prince of Pride'.

Laser Blaster:  She shoots lasers at Luxor Spawndroth in 'Breaking the Bonds of Disobedience'.


U.N.I.C.E was originally voiced by Maylo Upton, Willie Aames' Wife

In 'A Light in the Darkness Live' Jef Scott replaced Maylo Upton as the voice of U.N.I.C.E