This song is sung by The Wacky Protester and Cypher, it's a back and forth battle between them, in song!


Protester: So Bible-boy are you ready to rumble?

Cypher: the pleasure is all mine!

[music break]

Protester: You know Cypher I don't really know you well, that is because you think Bibleman is swell!

Cypher: I Love the Lord and Bibleman does too, and at this moment we don't need you!

Protester: Well i love to cause a problem 'cuz it's fun

Cypher: and Beating you is half the battle won!

Protester: Oh you don't scare me, 'Cuz Wacky is back in town! Ha!

[music break]

Protester: With all this goodness, you think these christians need, well i think it's boring like pulling up weeds!

Cypher: if you had one ounce of God's love inside, you'd see that evil has no place to hide!

Protester: My shenanigans are causing such a stir!

Cypher: You really are getting on my nerves!

Protester: Don't get too comfy! 'Cuz Wacky is back in town! Alright mister you're about to get served! show me what you got!

Cypher: oh brother..I only serve God!

[Dance battle]

Protester: You can try and change me cypher but you won't! I am happy being just like evil go.

Cypher: You'll never win!

Protester: Oh you don't scare me!

Cypher: Yes i will!

Protester: Don't even try!

Cypher: Yes I will!

Protester: Don't get too comfy, 'Cuz Wacky is back in town!

Cypher: You may be back in town but not for long!

[music break]

Protester: OW!